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About Richard Farrant Hickory NC

Business development officer Richard Farrant of Hickory, NC, retains 14 years of experience managing sales and marketing operations for building materials suppliers and construction and renovation firms. Presently he operates as President of Green Energy Products, where he oversees the distribution and production of the revolutionary Green Energy Barrier reflective insulation system for attics. In this capacity, Richard Farrant also coordinates sales, marketing, and installation of certified Energy Star products and other energy-saving solutions, such as solar low-e window coatings, for homeowners in Hickory, NC, and throughout western North Carolina and the surrounding regions.

An executive manager at Green Energy Products since 2010, Richard Farrant oversees a team of sales representatives for the Hickory, NC-based company. From 2003 to 2007, he served as Director of Sales and Marketing for the Long Fence and Home Corporation in Fairfax, Virginia. During his tenure with the home improvement retailer and installation firm, he managed field representatives, scheduled tradeshow appearances and events, and met frequently with executive staff to discuss and set sales and marketing targets and strategies. He also sold products and services and received Salesman of the Month recognitions for 22 months while simultaneously operating as a department manager at the company. Before joining Long Fence and Home Corporation, Mr. Farrant worked as a general manager at home renovations and remodeling company AAPCO, LLC, of Richmond, Virginia.

During his free time, Mr. Farrant spends time with his wife of 12 years and their young son, and he actively participates in events and organizations in his hometown. Owner of and a coach with the Hickory Thunder boys’ baseball team, he travels throughout North Carolina with the team and finances equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, and other costs. He also plans to open a batting cage facility called Big League Hitting, Home of the Hickory Thunder.

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