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Richard Farrant, Hickory, NC: Keeping Youth Baseball Fun and Friendly

June 27, 2013

Operating in Hickory, NC, Richard Farrant is an established business owner with decades of experience. In his current role, he serves his business as president and manages day-to-day operations in the production and marketing divisions. His extra responsibilities include directing sales representatives and leading the installation of products. Richard Farrant donates his leisure time to charitable endeavors and to coaching the Hickory Thunder baseball team.

Parents who don a jersey and a coach’s ball cap have quite a challenge on their hands. Coaching youth baseball is fun yet often harrowing. How do you balance teaching skills with simple fun? Start by encouraging other parents to keep their cool during games. Parents who feel their child was the victim of a bad call can make a scene and add anxiety to an otherwise relaxed sporting event. Before each game, remind parents to stay cool and let you handle the coaching.

Along the same lines, many coaches get caught up in the passion and close calls of a fun sporting event, especially when they are working with older players. Remember that your players look up to all adults, including you, as role models. Set an example of good sportsmanship by keeping debates civil and encouraging your players to focus on giving their best effort and having fun on the field.

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