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What to Donate to Goodwill

May 31, 2013

Richard Farrant owns and operates a business headquartered in Hickory, NC. Serving as president and owner, he spearheads the installation of the company’s products and the marketing and production phases of each project. Outside of his professional obligations, Richard Farrant donates to the Longview Goodwill store. Several times each year, he delivers toys, shoes, and clothes for children to wear to school.

donate_bagGoodwill accepts all kinds of donations, but it operates according to a set of guidelines. Before dropping off unwanted clothes, for example, put them through the wash so Goodwill shoppers can feel confident that they’re getting the cleanest products possible. If your clothes contain holes or other tatters, patch them or consider throwing them out.

Most Goodwill locations accept computers and electronics. Before turning in an electronic device, test it to make sure it works. Remove old batteries; batteries leak and corrode if left to sit, and it is possible that your items will sit on shelves for months until someone picks them up. For computers, remove all personal data such as pictures, documents, software, and programs.

After gathering your donations, take them to a Goodwill collection site and leave them in the hands of a representative. Never leave donations on the curb.


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